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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The North Carolina Poetry Society recognizes health issues of members

The most heart-felt appreciation goes out to the editor and others in the North Carolina Poetry Society for their support of those of us who must deal with chemical fragrances in today’s society. In the most recent issue of Pine Whispers, the jam-packed informational newsletter of the poetry society, a small article titled  “Clearing the Air” requests those who attend meetings of NCPS refrain from using scented products.
Artificial scents in deodorant, aftershave, hair products, cologne, shampoo, laundry detergents or other personal care and cleaning products release chemicals into the air, causing breathing difficulty and other adverse reactions for some people. 

See for more information on the contests sponsored by the North Carolina Poetry Society. 


Bill Griffin said...

We also offer a vegetarian option for the catered lunch at each meeting at Weymouth Center. Not to mention the well known fact that reading and listening to poetry lowers your blood pressure, raises your HDL cholesterol, and adds three minutes to your life for every minute of poetry you consume (unpublished data, contact for double blind prospective longitudinal tongue-in-cheek study results).
Bill G

Glenda said...

I love this news about the benefits of poetry, Bill.
I know personally of many benefits, calming and soothing which I am sure lowers my BP. I am very happy to see an organization take the opportunity to lower indoor air pollution.
I won't be afraid to go to one of your meetings now.