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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Do You Read Persimmon Tree?

I enjoy the online magazine, Persimmon Tree, and the latest issue is just out. The short story Orphan by Tessa Dratt is excellent. This is the kind of minimalist writing I enjoy. Her characters are brought to life with small details that place the subjects in a familiar location, one that many of you can see when you read this story.

Persimmon Tree appeals to me because it is for writers over 50. Few things in this world today are for those of us over 60. If you know of any traditional or online publishers who want the work of those over 60, please let me know. Leave a comment or email me at

Some of you have told me you don't know how to leave a comment on this blog. I will post instructions in the sidebar. It isn't hard to do. And you don't have to have a google email address.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Glenda C. Beall said...

You can comment as Name/URL and if you don't have a URL just leave that part blank. Once you comment in this window, click on the arrow beside the "Commet as: ----"
Click on Name/URL put in your name and then clik on Preview to see how it will appear or just click on Post Comment. Try it. You can't go wrong.