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Sunday, June 6, 2010

HOW TO SELF-PUBLISH YOUR BOOK, and how to market your book

William Reynolds, author of seven published novels and owner of his own publishing company, is instructor for a Saturday workshop on How to Self-Publish your Book. The class at Writers Circle on Chatuge Lane in Hayesville, NC runs from 10 a.m until 2:00 p.m. on June 12. Bring lunch and a drink. Morning refreshments and coffee are provided.

No microwave available.

Self-publishing can be a rewarding experience but there are a few things the writer needs to know. In this class we will discuss preparing your work for publication including copyediting, typesetting, cover design, ISBN numbers, and other odds and ends. The second thing we will discuss is marketing, beginning with the placement of your book in bookstores and gift shops as well as Internet sales.

William V. Reynolds, a former mathematics teacher, pursued his dream of writing after retirement and has written fourteen novels and published seven. He was inducted into the Author's of the Round Table (2004) by The BookShop in Georgia and was recognized in Who's Who in U. S. Writers, Editors & Poets (2002).

Before starting a book, writers should take a class to learn how to prepare for publishing and marketing. Anyone who has completed a book, will benefit from the knowledge of how and where to market.

If you have already published a book, and you have boxes of these books sitting in a closet, come to this workshop to learn how to get them out to the public.
Fees for this class: $30 and all handouts are free. E-mail for more information.