So not only did you teach me about writing memoir, you also taught me about reading and thinking about how others write memoir. Thank you so much! Rebecca
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Sunday, January 10, 2016

I am posting this on my wall for 2016.

Find a creek, river, lake, or ocean, and be still beside it for a time. Sit by an open fire and watch the flames. Sit on the porch and lie on the grass. Light candles. Take a deep breath. Write a handwritten letter to someone.

Discover something new every day. Learn. Tell stories. Listen to old people. Ask them questions.

Do something nice for others when you can and don't hesitate to be kind to yourself.

Read actual, real books and newspapers.

Spend an entire day without looking at your phone. If you feel the urge to post a selfie every day, take a picture of some other beautiful thing instead. Remember that there is power in moderation.

Learn to cook or bake something new. Enjoy every meal. Savor your food. Drink water.

Be completely quiet. Turn your favorite song up as loud as it will go.

If someone makes you feel bad all the time, get away from them. Laugh with others. Laugh while you're alone.

Spend time with animals. They make us better people.

Spray someone with the kitchen sink sprayer. Sing while washing dishes. Dance.

Don't judge. Think this: "There but for the grace of God go I" or "Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." Forgive others. Forgive yourself.

--Silas House, from "What I Know: a Prayer Essay"

I read this last year when Silas House published it, and I like it so much I want to share it again with my readers. I wish I had written the original, but didn't think of it. He said what I want to say, so I am just re-blogging his prayer for 2016. 

If you don't know Silas House, visit his website and his blog. Listen to his interview or discussion with Barbara Kingsolver HERE.