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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Writing and Poetry is Alive and Well in Cherokee County

Paul Donovan, founder of the Poetry and Essay Contests in Cherokee County

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending the award ceremony for Poetry and Essay Contest winners in middle schools in Cherokee County. Mary Jo Dyer, principal of The Learning Center!, a charter school in Murphy, NC facilitated this contest, part of the original contest begun by Paul Donovan who, with support of the Cherokee Scout Newspaper, organized the Poetry and Essay contests for high school students eight years ago.

Below: Two essay winners for Cherokee County High Schools.

Poetry and Essay Contest Winners - Cherokee County Middle Schools

Essay Contest Winner for Cherokee County High Schools Contest

In a culture beset with admiration for athletics, it is wonderful to see young poets and writers rewarded for their excellence. As always, when I attend these ceremonies, I am amazed when I read or hear the work by these young people.

***Poetry winners for the Cherokee County High Schools were stranded in Europe at the time of the award ceremony so we have no photos of them.