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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Snow is beautiful at my house today.

We awoke to a lovely winter wonderland this morning. While many were without power today, I was fortunate and am warm in my house. Lexie, my buddy, saw her first snow today. She barked at it. Later when she went outside and walked in it, she turned right around and hurried inside. Today is a day for Pee-pads I think. She is not fond of cold weather and certainly not fond of getting her tiny feet wet and cold. If I thought she wanted to go out, I would dress her in a warm sweater, but she is going to stay inside, just as I am today.
Flower pot is wearing a hat of snow.

I ventured out to take a few photos to share with my friends, my readers and my family. The view above is the woods on the east side of my house. The mountains in the distance I can see from my living room window.

In far mountain range you can see Brasstown Bald, the highest point in Georgia
From my dining room, I look out on my upper deck and in the distance I see a couple of mountain ranges. In the far range I see the top of Brasstown Bald in north Georgia. I live only a few miles from the Georgia/North Carolina border. Brasstown Bald is south of me. 

Better picture of Brasstown Bald from my deck
In this picture, I zoomed in to get a little better picture of Brasstown Bald. You can recognize it by the tower that perches on the peak. My little camera doesn't do such a good job.
Soft snow - I love it
In the above picture, I am looking down on my side yard which is fenced for my pets. My little Lexie would get lost in snow that deep. The railing in front is my upper deck. 

Looking down my driveway 

From my upper deck you can see how much snow we have on the railing
This shot was taken earlier this morning. I was trying to show how much snow we received last night. Later in the morning after the sun had been out for awhile, a large chunk slid off the roof onto my deck. Scared little Lexie with the noise. I made sure she didn't go out there again. If that had fallen on her, she would be gone from this world. 

Home after the snow

I did not get out in the snow today. I don't need to take a chance on falling. This picture was made last year after much of the snow had melted. I love my woods in the snow. I am grateful I had no power outages and no falling trees. 

I hope my friends who were affected by this snow storm had no damages and no inconveniences. I am grateful I can stay inside and have all I need right here.