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Friday, March 17, 2017

What's Happening? This is happening.

Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor for the Writer’s Digest Writing Community. He offers good info for poets who follow him on Twitter or Facebook and who read his blog.

Robert was a guest at Writers Circle around the Table a few years ago, and I have followed him online since then. He is a very nice man, a father and husband, and gives many tips and ideas for poetry on his blog. He generously helps budding poets, and is accessible by email. You will gain good ideas from him. He travels to talk to writing groups, large and small. 

I met him at the Blue Ridge Writers' Conference in Blue Ridge, GA where my friend, Carol Crawford, invited him to speak. And speaking of a wonderful writing event, the Blue Ridge Writers' Conference will be April 7 and 8 in Blue Ridge GA. It is one of the best small conferences I have ever attended. 

Mark your calendar now for this important day in May.

Writers, poets, playwrights and anyone who wants to publish fiction, nonfiction, or poetry will receive advice, tips and motivation at A Day for Writers, a one day conference in Sylva, NC on Saturday, May 6. You will find information about this conference at  
This gathering is sponsored by the Jackson County Public Library and the NC Writers' Network-West. We will meet at the library in the old courthouse, a lovely place. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Self Pub, Traditional or Small Press?

Recently I spoke at a writers conference and the subject of how to publish is always the first thing novice authors ask. Which is best? Self-publish or go the traditional route?
In this article, Robert Brewer discusses the other alternative which I would recommend to anyone who has a manuscript ready to submit. Try a small press.

I like that a small press is not limited to a three month window for selling the book as are the major publishers. The process of marketing by a small press goes on and on, unlimited. Of course, the author has to be doing his part to promote the book as well.
Brewer says that when asked about the top advantage small presses offer to authors, Erika Goldman, publisher and editorial director of Bellevue Literary Press, says, “Tender, loving care.”

The book's cover and design is accomplished with the cooperation of the author and the small press.
“I work directly on each book, designing it along with the author to produce something that a reader will want to purchase, as well as an object that best fits how the author wants their writings to be displayed,” says Geoffrey Gatza, founder, editor and publisher of BlazeVOX [books].

Brewer's poetry collection, Solving the World’s Problems was published by Press 53. When he visited and taught at Writers Circle last year, he spoke highly of his editor and all the folks at Press 53, a North Carolina company.

Read the full article here.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

It is Never too Late to Change Your Life -

I was delighted when I learned that my essay for Robert Brewer's blog, My Name is not Bob, was posted today.
I hope you will visit his site and read it. Even more satisfying than the honor of guest posting on Robert's very popular blog, the sincere comments by his readers touched my heart. 
My friend, Joan L. Cannon, also guest posted on Robert's blog on the subject of life changing moments.  Look for her essay while there.
Thanks, Robert, for posting my story and for all the help you give writers on your awesome blog.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Two Great Finds on the Internet

I feel I found the greatest treasures on the Internet when I found Hope Clark and Robert Brewer.
Reading Hope's newsletters and blog is like taking a writing course for free. It is the best time I spend online.
Now I have discovered Robert Brewer's blogs, I am taking another online course for free.

Congratulations to Hope who has just published her first novel, destined to be a terrific success. It sounds like a mystery/romance with a protagonist like no other. It is set in South Carolina where Hope lives. I will definitely buy her book.
Go to her new, very professional looking website and read all about it.

You will find Robert Brewer, content editor for Writers Digest at
Tonight, on his blog, I learned how to easily put a social media button on my blog. At least I hope I did.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Scott Owens on blog by Robert Brewer, editor of Writers Digest

  Below is a link to an article by poet and editor, Scott Owens, and includes some of his poetry.

If you are not familiar with Robert Brewer, he is editor at Writers Digest.

I subscribe to Writers Digest and to Writer Magazine. I enjoy the articles and find them useful for my classes with beginning writers and seniors who want to write about their lives.

Robert Brewer is from the Atlanta area and many of us enjoyed his workshop at the Blue Ridge Writers Conference in 2011 in Blue Ridge, GA.