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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oh, Canada, I could make you my home

Hi to my Canadian Friends,

I heard tonight that Halifax, Nova Scotia is the first place to make a law against fragrances worn in public places. Wow! How nice it must be to live in a city that cares so much about people. How great it must be to attend concerts, plays, and church and not have your throat close up.

No one has the right to invade the space of other people with fragrances that are toxic, just as they don't have the right to blow smoke in the face of others.

I loved my day in Halifax last September. The clean air away from the terribly smelly ship - it was one of the few places I was able to visit before the chemical smells on the cruise ship made me so ill I had to stay in bed or try to make it outside to a place where no one was smoking, where I could actually breathe.

I also learned that Halifax has the largest environmental illness hospital.
Evidently, Canadians have great concern for clean air and limiting exposure to toxic chemicals.

I just wish it was not so far from NC. I'd drive up and spend my summer there. I can't fly. Toxic air in planes is awful for me and thirty million other people who have to deal with MCS.

In the past when I imagined myself in a place where I am happy and feel good, I sat myself down in the Canadian Rockies. What a glorious place. Now that I've been to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, I want to think of myself settled on the porch of a little house on the water watching sail boats or sitting high above Fundy Bay.

I feel the breeze and clean ocean air, the unfettered view over water that changes color as often as the velvet mountains here in the Appalachians.