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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Answering the question: Why do we have political parties

Roger Carlton
Humans like organization. Bureaucracies for government, religions to explain or excuse the inexplicable and political parties to make choices in leadership.
We organize the materials that make up our biosphere into the periodic chart. We arrange everything into some measurable system like the autism spectrum. We assign value with money. Our Constitution requires a census every 10 years. During my career with Lockheed Martin, we were told that “you are what you measure.”

Political parties allow people to identify with their emotions at the ballot box. I am conservative so I am a Republican. I am liberal so I am a Democrat. I don’t want to be categorized so I am an Independent. I can’t handle the civil rights movement so I am a Dixiecrat. I hug trees so I am a Green Party member. I hate anyone but Aryans so I am a Nazi and so on and so forth throughout history.

People are tribal. We are only 10,000 years or so from living in caves.
So we need political parties to let us express our desire to win at the ballot box and not with clubs. It is when the political parties forget their mission to organize and return to their tribal roots that we need to worry as a civilization. Let’s hope that people realize that in November.