So not only did you teach me about writing memoir, you also taught me about reading and thinking about how others write memoir. Thank you so much! Rebecca


Despite the challenges of ZOOM, my recent Creative Writing class with Glenda Beall proved valuable. Motivation, learning new things and excellent peer review far outweighed the perceived difficulties of distance learning. Hopefully, Zoom classes won’t be the new norm, but if so, know that Glenda and the students handled the shortcomings well. Class notes were emailed and students shared work and suggestions via email and Zoom.
I couldn’t ask for a better outcome despite my technical aversions. M.C. Brooks

Hi Glenda,I loved and appreciated your ideas for improving my last paper!  Thank you, and attached is the revised product for Monday’s class.Marilyn  (Zoom class  2021)

Abbie Johnson said, "I encourage anyone reading this to sign up for Glenda's class through ICL that she's offering next month. I got a lot out of the class I took last fall and am looking forward to being inspired to write more this spring".   March 2022

Author, Celia Miles said...

Glenda, May I be the first to thank you for the comments about my latest book--but also to say how I have admired you all these years for first, your poetry and prose and blog, and second, what you do for western NC/north GA writers. You keep us going. You're an inspiration to us all. Thanks for being so energetic and positive. Celia

Hi, Glenda — Thank you for the Tuesday writing classes which have been "entertaining, informative, and enlightening”.  I enjoyed you and the members of the group. I appreciate the handouts and information about other writing opportunities.  Pam S.  (Student of Zoom class 2021)

From Institute of Continuing Learning at YH College:

Glenda, Kudos to you.  I am mailing a lovely Thank You note you/we received from one of your students!  Such complements – priceless class - amazing – inspiring instructor.                           ---Janet - Registrar

You provide a valuable service, and I wanted to express my gratitude for getting to be part of it.
All best,
Michael Diebert, Poetry Editor Chattahoochee Review

Glenda Beall's studio creates a safe atmosphere where I can be vulnerable in my learning, my writing, and the group's critics. She imbues a tenderness of spirit that is contagious. It manifests as a well-grounded kindness that encourages the person and supports the writing process. ...Thank you, Glenda, for your many years of service to the writing communities.  Sincerely and with much gratitude… Ayer G.  (writing student, 2018)

When it comes to helping newbies and wannabes, no one is better than Glenda. She has introduced me to the most important contacts I have--out of pure friendliness and generosity. Thank you, Glenda, always!      ...Joan Cannon, author

Yours was the first writing course I’ve taken in years and you gave me not only many wonderful insights but lots of fun and very welcome encouragement....I’ve been thinking about applying for a low residency MFA program as I transition into retirement (again).   
 ---   Don B. - student in class at John C. Campbell Folk School.

Of all the workshops I have attended, I rate yours at the top of the list. Your suggestions are specific. Your method of teaching inspires the writers in the class to produce!!! I am telling writers I know about the schedule and location of your classes. ---    Barb  (student of Writers Circle around the Table)

And I thank you once again for opening me up to this wonderful world of memoir writing. You will always hold a special place in my heart as the woman who first helped me to realize this wonderful gift,  --- Rebecca G.  (Student of class at John C. Campbell)

Are you considering teaching another class at TCC? The last two were the best writing courses I've ever attended. Thank you for sharing your experience and talent with those who try to bring daydreams into reality.    ---Kimberley Schuck

If MVP meant “Most Valuable Poet” and some organization deemed to present such a prize, Glenda Beall would be my nominee for the inaugural award.  --- Scott Owens

You touched my heart over and over again with your words. I've already read the book (Now Might as Well be Then) three times...I'm so glad I own a copy.
                                                       ---Nancy Purcell

What an invaluable resource you are. Congratulations on your energy and interest in others. Best wishes for your continuing accomplishments! ...Author, Joan Cannon

You have built such a grand scale of reaching the public through your Blogs,etc. and most definitely have the largest audience for your words of anyone. I know! Congratulations. You do motivate me and many others, I'm sure.       .. Nancy Purcell, author, teacher

 Glenda~ I've been enjoying my 'Writer's Circle' classes, both the instructors and fellow student-writers. It's been an enriching, challenging experience so far and I look forward to this year and trying more classes.       ---Barbara Gabriel

Your Writers Circle brings such fantastic writers, publishers, and teachers to an intimate, inclusive setting in order to spread the gospel of the word-the written word in all its forms.  
--- Barbara Gabriel  - a comment on

It was such an enjoyable class with Will Wright. I really appreciated the participation of everyone - great to hear so many observations and views. Thanks for putting it together.
                                                            --- Maren Mitchell

As for the setting (of the workshop) very relaxed 'n inviting
what a gift you give . . .
I can see where your heart is!                         --- Laine

 Will Wright did such a great critique for me on the poem I sent him. That alone made his class worthwhile!              --- Lory Whitehead

September 13, 2009, Maureen Ryan Griffin said:

I know Glenda as a fine poet and writer and a tireless promoter of literary opportunities, as well as a coordinator of writing programs. She's fantastic! I've also had the pleasure of teaching students who had Glenda as a writing instructor and they all gave her glowing recommendations.   (comment on LinkedIn)

Glenda's work as the Program Coordinator for North Carolina Writers' Network-West, a program of the North Carolina Writers' Network, has been above and beyond exemplary. Her enthusiasm and tireless energy, her visionary approach tempered with a solid pragmatism and real caring and consideration for the people she was involved with turned a small group of enthusiastic writers into a real, active, and widespread community network     (Comment on LinkedIn)