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Friday, April 25, 2014


Since this is poetry month, I want to share at least one good poem with my readers.

Mirror by Sylvia Plath is one that hits a chord with me today.

I wrote a poem called The Woman in the Mirror. 
Mirrors hide nothing from us. I have heard of people who will not have a mirror in their home. But mirrors are my security, my safety net. My mirror tells me the truth when no one else will. A mirror can bring us to our knees at times and can also send us soaring like a kite set free on the wind.

I knew a young man who, each morning, looked at his reflection in his mirror and said out loud, "I look good! I feel good!" He smiled at himself and began his day. 

My mirror speaks to me frankly and never minces words when I ask, "who is the fairest?"
It doesn't hide my flaws, but pronounces them in a silver quiet voice perfect for my hearing these days. 
I seldom visit my reflection anxious as I did in my youth. Now I speak to myself and say, job well done

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Visit Vagabonde's blog for Woman in the Mirror

I am very pleased to share this link with you.

Vagabonde married my poem, "Woman in the Mirror," with a collection of paintings to make an outstanding post on her blog. I hope you will visit and see what she did.
I am honored that she chose my poem from Now Might as Well be Then, and creatively matched it with the lovely photos.