Friday, April 25, 2014


Since this is poetry month, I want to share at least one good poem with my readers.

Mirror by Sylvia Plath is one that hits a chord with me today.

I wrote a poem called The Woman in the Mirror. 
Mirrors hide nothing from us. I have heard of people who will not have a mirror in their home. But mirrors are my security, my safety net. My mirror tells me the truth when no one else will. A mirror can bring us to our knees at times and can also send us soaring like a kite set free on the wind.

I knew a young man who, each morning, looked at his reflection in his mirror and said out loud, "I look good! I feel good!" He smiled at himself and began his day. 

My mirror speaks to me frankly and never minces words when I ask, "who is the fairest?"
It doesn't hide my flaws, but pronounces them in a silver quiet voice perfect for my hearing these days. 
I seldom visit my reflection anxious as I did in my youth. Now I speak to myself and say, job well done


Anonymous said...

Dear Glenda,
Your blogs never fail to excite me, to remind me of the hard work and long hours I spend at my keyboard and craft. Your words keep me pushing to complete a collection of short stories while I have the ability to do so. Like so many writers, I tend to think my work is not as good as other peoples....then I realize how fortunate I am to have had so many works published and anthologized. "Mirrors" remind me to be kind to myself, pat myself on the back, and tell myself "I love you". Thanks for
reminding all of us to keep on keeping on. Love ya, Nancy

Glenda C. Beall said...

Nancy, Thanks for leaving your comment here. We have to encourage each other and remind each other to love ourselves and not forget our accomplishments and successes. You have done so much with your writing and for others, Nancy. Give yourself a hug for me, please.
Much love, my friend.