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Friday, September 30, 2016

A Memorable Trip Brought Back by a Blogger's photographs

 Today I was reminded of when Barry and I and Gay and Stu went to Alaska in 1985. A vacation I will never forget. 

The four of us took many trips together, and our cruise to Alaska will forever live in my mind and heart. Not only the scenery of Alaska, but our few days in San Francisco before we boarded the Princess ship, made me feel I had left this world and gone on to a magnificent setting where I might never want to return. We toured the coast of California south of San Francisco, ate our lunch perched on a cliff above the Pacific, and listened to the surf pounding the rocks below us.
I wrote a poem about that experience.

 We Celebrate our 25th at Big Sur

High above the scene,

we picnicked on cheese and wine.

The wind swept up the cliff

and kissed my face with droplets

from the great Pacific which crashed

on rocks one hundred feet below.

Wind tossed our words up to the gulls

who shrieked them back at us.

The day, dazzling in its brilliance,

refreshed our love, not young, now renewed.

We dreamed, made promises,

that perfect day - a perfect place,

away from all the world. ---- by Glenda Council Beall


I stumbled upon an Internet site today where my memories of those days in Alaska, seeing the Mendenhall Glacier and rafting on the Mendenhall River popped back into my mind. I could hear us laughing, the water splashing all over us, Barry in his red down jacket, his arm around me, assuring my safety should I have any trouble staying on the bumpy raft.

We stopped somewhere along the way and our guides brought out champagne which we drank from paper cups. They served us smoked salmon on crackers, and my sister says she has never had any smoked salmon as good as that we had standing on a sandbar on a cold damp day in Alaska with tall evergreens towering over us. Our young guides pointed out an eagle's nest way up in the top of a tree, then we saw the eagles soaring in the gray sky.

The writer and photographer here: posts photos and then writes about them as he walks and explores with his dog, Aki. What a place to live. I know it must be extremely cold in winter, but even then, there is this unspoiled beauty as far as the eye can see. I plan to return to this website often to see his photo essays and remember.

Do you have a favorite vacation that sticks in your mind? Tell us about it.