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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Maren O. Mitchell published a book on chronic pain relief.

Author, Maren O. Mitchell

Beat Chronic Pain, An Insider’s Guide, has been released by Line of Sight Press, .

Maren Mitchell of Young Harris, GA has published her non-fiction book that will help anyone who lives with pain. 

Maren began her struggle with pain when  a tumor on her spine forced her to undergo surgery. Over the years she learned ways to cope with her pain without succumbing to prescription drugs. 

For those who depend completely on pain killers and often become addicted to them, this book by Maren Mitchell might be their salvation. Her common sense route to practices that can make life more bearable and return the quality of life for victims of unending pain, is offered in short easily read paragraphs. Mitchell says those suffering with chronic pain find it difficult to pore over long passages of research to find answers.

Visit Line of Sight Press to place your order.