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Thursday, February 27, 2020

DataDataU came to my rescue

Today, Feb. 26, I am happy to have had Courtney Williams, co-owner of DataData U, in Hiawassee, Georgia spend an hour with me at my computers. She is kind and patient, helping me without intimidating me. No arrogance or patronizing tone from this smart young woman. She understands that new technology can be overwhelming for someone like me. She asked me to tell her what I needed. She explained and corrected my problems. She taught me what I needed to know.
I bought a new laptop a few months ago. It came with all the latest updates from Microsoft, so new and different that I just could not wrap my mind around many of the changes. I found out that I am like many people who don’t like the Microsoft Edge.
I find I need to use either Chrome or Firefox for my default. Last night I could not sign into Chrome or Amazon, but today, thanks to Courtney, I have all the programs I use pinned where I can easily click on them. I can pop right into Google and Amazon with no problems at all.
If you live in Hiawassee, Young Harris, Georgia or Hayesville, NC, I suggest you put this number on your list to “go to” when you have computer questions

Courtney recognized that I had a virus in my desktop, and she went to work clearing that out. That was likely why all my passwords failed last night.
I needed a printer connected for both my desktop and my laptop. Courtney set that up quickly and advised me to purchase a longer cord for the printer.
Because I am extremely impressed with Courtney and Ron, I am recommending them to anyone in my local region. Oh, BTW, Ron hooked me up with a router that brings in all my streaming programs now. Find them at the link below.