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Saturday, May 16, 2020

Photo by Roger Carlton

Located on Lake Santeetlah facing south across the the lake using my Apple I-Phone 7. The time was around  6:30 am and the shot lasted for less than 10 minutes. The early bird catches the best image.


Roger Carlton is columnist for Graham Star newspaper. He was once a writing student of mine. He has developed a great eye for photography. I believe this view is from his lovely home on Lake Santeetlah in western North Carolina.

Roger says the Graham Star is using some of his photos on the front page of the newspaper. Who says life can't get better after retirement? Roger has found a new calling with writing and photography. He spent his working years in city management. We are happy to have him as part of Writers' Circle around the Table.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Changes at Create Space? Read Tara Lynne Groth's news here.

I learned today from the newsletter of my friend TaraLynne Groth that Amazon’s CreateSpace  is getting out of the author services business. Self publishing writers will need to go elsewhere for important author services, including editing, cover editing and book formatting. 

As of April 18, 2018 writers who self publish with Create Space will have to do more of their own work or pay for those services that Create Space no longer provides.

Too bad for me, the procrastinator. I had planned to publish a couple of short books through Create Space.

Tara Lynne sent her good news in her newsletter today. 

Through her use of Linkedin she has landed a job with “one of the largest mutual fund companies in the world.” Congratulations, Tara Lynn!

We have been fortunate to have Tara Lynne Groth teach some classes at Writers Circle around the Table, and she was well-received as a speaker at our Day for Writers in Sylva, NC in 2017.  This young woman is extremely knowledgeable about the freelance world and the modern methods of marketing. I hope she will have time to come back to our region before too long.

Tara Lynne will be changing the focus of her writing business now. Read about what she will be doing in her newsletter whichyou can find online.

She has a new collection of short stories ready to shop to publishers soon. I have her book, Magazine Queries that Worked, only 6.99 in print now at This book should be on the shelf of all who want to write and sell articles for magazines or newspapers.