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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Speaking in Hendersonville and visiting with NCWN West Members

Just got back from a delightful time in Hendersonville, NC where I had a chance to visit with writer and Netwest Representative, Lana Hendershott, at Tooley's. 

I was there by invitation to speak at Senior Friends, a 200 member group of older people who seem to be staying quite active and enjoying life. Carol Crawford, poet, writer and director of the annual Blue Ridge Writers Conference in Blue Ridge, GA. was a featured speaker as well. In fact, Carol received an invitation from Roy Freedman for a writer and a poet to speak to the group. She asked me to be the writer. She took this opportunity to read from her wonderful new poetry chapbook, The Habit of Mercy
Carol Crawford at Senior Friends in Hendersonville

I spoke as a writer and teacher. My theme was that writing is good for seniors whether they journal, write about their lives for family or publish a book. I talked about how writing had been such an integral part of my life, especially my healing after loss of my husband. I could see heads nodding as I talked. I felt a real kinship with the 50 plus men and women who sat before me. My thanks to Roy and to Senior Friends for inviting Carol and me to be a part of their fine group Thursday evening. 
Glenda at Senior Friends in Hendersonville

Carol and I were so pleased at the warmth and appreciation of the group after we finished. NCWN West member, Pat Podlipec, is a member of Senior Friends. Another woman told me she remembered me from the annual Blue Ridge Bookfest held in Flat Rock. How nice it was to be remembered for our Netwest panel discussion when we were there a few years ago. I'll always remember that event was held opposite Ron Rash's workshop. Talk about bad luck! We still had a good audience and we all had fun. 

Lana and I discussed an open mike event she hopes to create in Hendersonville very soon. While it is very easy to get a public reading started, one must find a good venue and then decide how to schedule those who will read. Should the reading be for poets or writers? Maybe both? But poets can read two poems in three minutes, easy. Writers need at least five minutes. Those little details have to be worked out, but I feel sure Lana will get this going soon.

I told Lana I'd love to come up for the readings when she gets an event going, and I'd be glad to come for the inaugural if she wanted me. With so many writers in Hendersonville I know the writing event will be well attended, and it will give them an opportunity to bring writers together there. With one Netwest sponsored event open to the public all the writers and poets will get to know each other and, like our writers in my neck of the woods, they can socialize with like-minded people, share opportunities, and make life long friends. 

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The NCWN Spring Conference was fun as always. It was good to see some of the writers I seldom see except at the conferences. Valerie Nieman is now Poetry Editor for Press 53. Such a warm person, good teacher and writer. I was happy to see Al Manning again. Haven't seen him since he left WNC for the flatlands of the Piedmont. He is a NCWN Rep and seems to be moving things along in his area.
Alice Osborn is also a Network Rep and you see her name numerous times in the Literary Calendar emailed to members each week.
Like Scott Owens, Alice is very busy.
I enjoyed half a day of non-fiction class and then sat in on Scott's class. He gave us the greatest prompt that should keep us busy for eons.
We here in far western NC will be priviledged to hear Scott's poetry read at Coffee with the Poets on May 12 at Phillips and Lloyds in Hayesville and again at Mountain Perk at 7:00 p.m. that night.

The trip to Greensboro was extremely long and I was happy that Lana Hendershott invited me to stay at her house on Thursday and Saturday nights. Still, I was beyond tired today.

Worked on a brochure for Writers Circle. Hope to have that out to the public soon. Received an invitation to judge the poetry section of the Silver Arts for Cherokee County. I look forward to reading all the entries.

Did you attend the Spring Conference? What did you like or dislike about the day? Let's tell Ed what he could do to make it better and what he did that was perfect.