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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Stowaway - New romantic suspense novel from Darcy Flynn (Joy Griffin Dent)

If you are a reader of romance novels, clean, fun, sweet ones, you will like the newest book from Darcy Flynn. Read more about it when you click this link:

You might remember my interview with Darcy Flynn (Joy Griffin Dent) a few months ago.

This author is prolific and readers enjoy her stories. This book, Stowaway, is going to be very popular. It is a romantic suspense novel. You can read an excerpt on her blog .

Darcy says:I’m thrilled to announce the release of my first romantic suspense, Stowaway!
It still has all the elements you’ve come to expect from a sweet, fun, Darcy Flynn Romance!

Joy Griffin Dent (Darcy Flynn)

If you read romance novels, have you read any Darcy Flynn books?

Friday, June 30, 2017

Eagle Eye - new book release

Congratulations, Darcy Flynn

My cousin, the romance writer, has a new book released today!

Eagle Eye by Darcy Flynn - Check it out on 

I had the opportunity to read it before it was published and I recommend it to those of you who enjoy a romantic love story. It is a great beach read, so order it in paper back and stash it in your beach bag. Darcy's books are clean stories with real life characters

This is a tease:

"Undercover journalist, Cameron Phillips, is known for his forthright exposé articles uncovering scandals of New York City’s rich and famous. Using the pseudonym Eagle Eye to hide his identity, he is free to wield his finger pointing, no-holds-barred articles at leisure.

Jillian Jeffrey, teen fashion industry’s latest darling, has a heart for the less fortunate. Her goal is to raise enough money for fashion icon Anna Delany’s, Like No Other charity foundation. The donation will not only keep the charity afloat, but will place Jill in the running for a coveted position on LNO’s board of directors."

Now what will be the conflict between these two? And how will the conflict be resolved? 

Let me know what you think.