So not only did you teach me about writing memoir, you also taught me about reading and thinking about how others write memoir. Thank you so much! Rebecca
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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Mini-Writers Retreat

Today is Sunday, and I am looking at the most beautiful mountain scene, golden and orange leaves on big trees guide my eyes out to Grandfather Mountain miles away. Fog has wrapped us all morning in its haunting stillness, but now the distant sky pales with wisps of clouds skimming the ridge. 

We three are not here to hike or tour the region. We have come to write, to share writing ideas, to submerge ourselves in all things “writing.” We stopped for church, for me to go to the grocery store and to the pet shop. I purchased a sweater for my puppy, Lexie. She is not a cold weather dog. The pink sweater in extra, extra small fits her and she is like a kid at Christmas. Nothing could have made this little dog happier than to put on her a warm sweater.

My good friends, authors, Deanna Klingel and Miriam Jones Bradley, joined me this weekend for time away from home and a mini-writing retreat. I always learn so much from these two women of widely varied ages and I hope they learn something from me.

Deanna Klingel

Deanna astounds me with her in-depth research for each of her novels. The next book will be a fictional history of Chief McIntosh of the Creek Indian tribe. She was asked to write this book by a historical society so that children could learn about this fascinating man of the 19th Century.

Deanna has a way of writing about youngsters that made me ask, “How do you get into a fourteen year old boy’s head like that?”
She responded, “I raised four sons.”  I then learned she also raised two more boys who were not her biological sons, along with three girls.

Deanna’s award winning Avery series, Avery’s Battlefield and Avery’s Crossroad, about a boy who lived during the Civil War have been quite popular with middle grade kids.

I read her novel, Cracks in the Ice, a wonderfully told tale of a young girl who hopes to become a professional skater. Once again, Deanna Klingel delved into all things related to the life of this character, including uncovering what life as the niece of a mobster would be like. Yes, the heroine grows up with body guards driving her to school.  

Some more of Deanna’s books are: Bread Upon the Water, Rock and a Hard Place; a Lithuanian Love Story, The Mysterious Life of Jim Limber, the Little Beth Series: Beth’s Birds, Beth’s Backyard friends, Amanda and the Lazy Garden Fairy. Coming soon are Walker Hound of  Park Avenue and Blue-Eyed Doll. Visit her website to order these books.

Miriam Jones Bradley

Miriam Jones Bradley, is author of children’s books as well as a collection of her columns published in the Newberry Observer titled, You Ain’t From Here, Are You?. This book is a gentle but humorous observation of what a new person in the community sees and hears from the good people who greet her. Miriam writes for young adults as well as for older adults who want to leave a legacy. Check out her website to order her books.

She is also author of a mystery series, The Double Cousins Mysteries, for 7 – 13 year old readers. I picked her mind as to how she comes up with a mystery. She takes tidbits of fact and weaves that into a plot that moves along taking the reader with it.

Miriam and Deanna don’t stand still. Miriam wonders how she is going to continue to manage her school presentations, book signings, blogging and writing another book this year as well as working as a nurse two days a week. Both women travel all over the country speaking and signing their books.

Miriam is originally from the western plains and Deanna lived longest in Atlanta where she and her husband raised their children. Now she lives in Sapphire, NC. Miriam lives in Hendersonville.

 Both busy writers are dedicated to their craft and both have active writing businesses. Both have husbands who are supportive and helpful behind the scenes. I heard high praise for both David and Bruce this weekend. 

We look forward to doing this again and hope others will join us either in the mountains or at the beach. Having time to share ideas, ask questions, and discuss publishing and online media is not a luxury but a necessity for those of us who are serious about publishing our work.

My readers, have you ever attended a writers' retreat? How many people were present? Did you enjoy it?

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Coffee with the Poets and Writers pics

Deanna Klingel and Madonna Wise

Deanna Klingel author of several young adult novels as well as other historical books talked on truth in fiction.  CWPW, sponsored by NCWN West, meets each month at Blue Mountain Coffee and Grill and the event is open to the public.

Ellen Schofield talks to Bob Grove and Wally Avett while Roy Underwood, far right, listens.
In the center our busy waitress at Blue Mountain rushes to take good care of us.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Memories of Joan Fontaine and the Other Side of Silence

 Senior Women author Rose Mula

For anyone who is a fan of the vintage movies, black and white, and the great stars who were dignified actresses in their day, you will enjoy this post by Mula.

About seven years ago I met a delightful older woman online. She lived just outside our Netwest Region in western North Carolina but connected when she found our blog, 
Joan and I have not met in person but have become friends. I like to follow her posts on the Senior Women site. 

Joan L.Cannon is a contributing author for Senior Women.
I agree with her sentiments in this article:

Have you ever met a very famous person as Rose did and become friends with them? Are celebrities of today different from those of Joan Fontaine's era?

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Blue Ridge Writers Conference Reception Friday Night

Tonight I met some new authors in our area. I was in Blue Ridge Georgia for the 16th annual Blue Ridge Writers Conference directed by my dear friend, Carol Crawford. 

The reception at the Arts Center on Friday evening was fun and filled with good food, good wine and artists of all kinds. I could spend hours just looking at the visual arts on the walls, on the tables and everywhere.
But this weekend is about literary art. Vicki Lane, popular fiction writer, is the Keynote speaker. C. Hope Clark, author of Lowcountry Bribe, is back to speak on writing mystery novels. My friend, Scott Owens, highly popular poet, editor and teacher, is back also to speak at two sessions on Saturday. 

This conference draws people from Atlanta and the surrounding area as well as local writers from north Georgia and Western NC.
I met a delightful author who began as a freelancer and wrote articles for magazines for years before she wrote her novel she is promoting at this time. I hope she will teach a class at Writers Circle one day. We've never had anyone teach a class on freelance writing. I'd love to take the class myself.


Sunny at the dog park

The pup is Sunny who has developed into a very bad barker. She also lunges at other dogs and people as they pass her on the trail at the park. But, just this week, Sunny went to school with a good teacher and now, I hear, she is being such a good girl. She has learned a command that stops her barking and her household is much quieter and calmer. Sunny is a rescue from Logan's Run Rescue in Murphy, NC. They do great work for our furry friends at Logan's Run. So, if you have some extra funds to donate to help find homes for good dogs like Sunny, please visit the website of Logan's Run. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Blue Ridge Writers Conference in Blue Ridge Georgia

You don't want to miss the Blue Ridge Writers Conference in its fourteenth year.

The Blue Ridge Writers’ Conference is back for its 14th year, featuring literary agent Sally McMillan as keynote and speakers Robert Brewer, editor of Writers’ Market, Scott Owens, editor of Wild Goose Poetry Review, Jennifer Jabaley, 2010 Georgia Author of the Year in the YA category, and Hope Clark, editor of Funds for Writers website.

April 1 and 2, 2011. Please note a location change – this year the conference will be at the Blue Ridge Mountains Arts Association in downtown Blue Ridge, Georgia. For more information call 706-632-2144.

For anyone who hasn't attended this conference in the past, April 1 is the Friday night event, and Saturday, April 2, is the all day conference with workshops, etc. If you want to learn about publishing, this conference should be on your list of events for 2011.