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Writers Circle’s purpose is to nurture writers, inspire creativity, offer opportunities to

• Express yourself

• Preserve memories

• Enrich and transform your life

• Grow and Heal

• Leave a written legacy

• Craft writing for publication or for your own enjoyment.

Writers Circle’s mission is to bring beginning writers, accomplished writers, and anyone who enjoys writing stories, essays, poems and/or articles together around the table where we make the effort to enlighten, empower and to provide opportunities to discover the path to reach their writing goals.

About Writers Circle Services

Writers Circle holds three hour classes once each month taught by experienced instructors for poetry, short stories, memoir, nonfiction and publishing and marketing. Some classes are taught on weekdays and some on weekends. Fees:$ 40 - $45 per class
We will connect you with editing services, tutors and others in the writing field who can help you.

Classes / Workshops
For a listing of current offerings, click on the Schedules page on this site.

Coaching/Consulting/Private writing lessons for beginning writers - contact Glenda Beall for a one hour free consultation.

Subjects include:

• Getting started

• Develop your ideas

• Overcoming writers block

• Staying motivated

• Feedback on your work

Phone 828-389-4441 or email