Friday, May 7, 2010

Too Busy for Facebook

Tonight I deactivated my Facebook page. I just don't have time to keep it up with all that is happening in my life these days.

We have sent the manuscript of Echoes Across the Blue Ridge, the anthology of NCWN West, to the printer. On some days it seemed we'd never reach this day. Our editor and her close assistant have toiled many hours to bring this book project to fruition. As marketing director for the book, my work is just beginning.
I had hoped we would have the book by June 4 for the Blue Ridge Bookfest in Flat Rock, NC, but now it seems we might not make the deadline. I will be at the bookfest, however, and we will have books to sell including my poetry book and Joyce Foster's book, Painted Leaves. Of Joyce's book, Kathryn Byer said it was the most beautiful poetry book she had ever seen. I agree.

Next weekend, May 15, we will have a table at the Candy Maier Scholarship Foundation Book Fair in Asheville. The Candy Fund was set up in memory of Candy Maier, a writer who passed away from breast cancer. In the first few years they had more money than they could give away. But as they have become known throughout the western NC mountains, their scholarships have paid for a number of western NC women to attend workshops and conferences on writing.

Few realize that the Candy Fund can help western NC women who want to attend writing classes at John C. Campbell Folk School. Visit the Candy Fund website and see if you might qualify for financial help to attend a class there.

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