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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Time to Write - How do we find it?

At our last class here at Writers Circle we discussed the largest issue all writers seem to face. When do we write and why do we let everything come ahead of our writing?
Jo said she writes first thing in the morning. Jo is working on writing about her interesting life. Jo used to go out to homes in south Georgia where she lives and interview good cooks for the newspaper in Cairo, GA.. One morning she went to a home where the cook had a meal on the stove when Jo arrived. Jo said that was the first and only time she ever had grits with catfish stew for breakfast.

Barb wanted to know how to make herself write instead of doing dishes, laundry, and other chores around the house. One of the best writers I have ever known, personally, was Doris Buchanan Smith who lived here in Hayesville. She was a prolific writer of books for young people and won awards for her work. Her books were published in many languages and were read around the world. Doris did not let housework get in the way of her real work -- writing books. She could leave the dishes in the sink while she holed up in her office and created stories. I don't think she ever felt guilty about those dishes like I do. But Doris had an agent and a publisher and her books earned her money. If I had that going for me, I'd not give those dishes or the dirty clothes a second look.

When do you like to write? Do you have trouble finding time to write?


  1. Of all the workshops I have attended, I rate yours at the top of the list. Your suggestions are specific. Your method of teaching inspires the writers in the class to produce!!! I am telling writers I know about the schedule and location of your classes Fun to see my name mentioned in your blog. Barb

  2. I like to write-when NO ONE is home but me : ) Funny how we all have our own little quirks about when and where we write.

  3. Thank you, Barb, for your very kind words about my classes. I enjoy teaching and seeing the success of my students, like you, who have such great stories to tell.
    Thanks for commenting and hope you'll come back often.

  4. Tipper, thanks for commenting. I can see with your busy family and your many activities, it would be hard to find time to write. But it is obvious that you do.
    I need quiet and time to think if I am going to create anything new.
    Thanks, Tipper, for all your support. You are the best!

  5. Hi Glenda!
    I write when I am alone and it is quiet. Therefore, I do not write a lot!
    I have learned to be flexible and to take the time as it comes, even if it means that chores will wait a bit.

  6. Glenda - I'm trying to get published so I approach writing as a work commitment. My time is more my own now that the youngest of my six children is in college although I'm fairly experienced at thinking in the midst of commotion! I aim for several hours of uninterrupted writing time in the morning and take a break around one o'clock to go the gym and resume writing in the afternoon. When I only have small blocks of time, I use it for editing which I enjoy doing. I've found if I clump appointments, errands, grocery shopping, etc. together, it breaks up less days. That kind of stuff really eats up time.

  7. Pat,
    You seem to have a well disciplined work plan for writing. I am sure that will get you where you want to be. Most of us talk about writing but never seem to "get er done."


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