Monday, September 6, 2010

Limited Edition

I am limited in my writing right now with tendinitis in my right shoulder. You never know how much you need your predominate arm until you loose the use of it.

The X-ray shows inflammation around the rotator cuff. Thankfully, I am not looking at surgery, just using ice on it and taking anti-inflammatory meds. It should heal in time.

I am not one to be happy sitting and resting. I like to be busy even though I am not always up and running about. Today I concentrated on resting my arm and putting the ice pack on it. But I did have a long telephone conversation with my brother and another with one of my sisters. With my usual schedule, I find that just taking time to talk with my family gets to be difficult.

I am purposely slowing down my lifestyle. If everything I think I need to do right now doesn't get done until next week, will it matter a year from now?

But if I don't talk to my dear sisters and my brothers - if I put off visiting and spending time laughing and reminiscing with them - it could matter very much in a year, especially to me.

We are the choices we make. I am making the choice to live more deliberately and less stressfully. I am making the choice not to let others define who I am or who I should be.

Therefore, I am not teaching a class at Writers Circle until October or November. I am taking a long vacation away from my computer and the telephone. I am going on a retreat where I have no responsibilities.

But my friend, Paul Donovan, will teach again on Saturday, September 25 and again on Saturday, October 4. We will post more on his subjects soon.


JLC said...

Glenda--a wise decision, I know. And I don't say that only because I have had the surgery on one shoulder (thankfully not the dominant arm) and PT to prevent surgery for the other, but because I've had to make a similar decision about how to go about doing what I must do. I hope you can find a way to tell the difference between what is necessary for you and what is necessary to make you feel you've fulfilled the expectations of others. I'm still trying to learn that.

Thinking of you--


Rebecca said...

Glenda -
Happy healing! Rest is in indeed the best (this coming from a licensed PT - me!). In fact, sometimes I feel injuries or illnesses are God's way of saying, "Hey - you need to chill for a little bit."

So I understand you won't be reading this comment for a while - no problem. Enjoy your time away:)

Joan Ellen Gage said...

Absolutely right! You need to take care of yourself. But, do keep up the phone calls. You don't want to miss those connections of the heart.

Pat Meece Davis said...


Enjoy your trip! Sounds wonderful!

Glenda C. Beall said...

thanks everyone who left a comment. I appreciate you. After a week, my shoulder is somewhat better but not well. However, now I'm fighting a cold. wouldn't you know it? Go off on a trip to rest and relax and come down with a cold.
But I saw some gorgeous places before I became a "shut in."
I'll share some photos of lovely Canada in the days to come.