Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Let's Take a Poll

I wanted to make you think a bit today. I placed a poll on the sidebar. Choose only one on the list. Click on the dot in front. You can click to see what others think. Do we require many things in life to make us happy? Can we get by on little or nothing materially? Do we need more emotional support than concrete things for happiness?


Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen said...

I voted. it should be very interesting to see the results.

JLC said...

Good idea, but it reminds me of my frustrations when asked what my favorite anything is. There are too many things I like or even love for too many reasons to be able to choose only one. Color? Of what? Dress, sky, hair, flower...? Having been blessed by so many things on your list, trying to decide which I'd forego is as bad as trying to decide what's most important. And furthermore, at what period of one's life? At 20 I doubt I'd have chosen what I have at 80+. Still...plenty of food for thought!

tipper said...

Hope health and happiness for me ; )