Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Poll Results

It seems that Hope, Health and Happiness is the most popular theme in our poll of what we want in life.
Second is Love, Something to do and Hope for tomorrow.
We all need Hope in our lives.
I lean more toward the second theme. I am one who feels that love is necessary in my life - Love of a good man made all the difference in my life, love of and from my good friends and my family support me today. I also need something to do. I think, as we get older, having meaningful work is important to our self-esteem and our health. From what I read about retired people, almost all of us continue to work in some capacity.

It could be the way I was raised, but the worst times of my life were when I felt I was not being useful. I volunteered at a hospital for awhile. Most of my time was spent doing absolutely nothing. I sat and waited for someone to come by or ask me a question which often never happened.
Some people enjoy those kinds of things, but I like to be involved, fully absorbed, in something that I think makes a difference.
Perhaps I do believe that happiness is one of the things we need in life because having hope for tomorrow, having something to do, and loving and being loved - well, that IS what makes me happy.


tipper said...

Glenda-I think you're right-having something to do enriches our lives.

JLC said...

I'm with you, Glenda. Is there anything worse than having to look busy? I'm lucky that I've had very little experience with that. It occurred to me other day that Mother's Day has missed an important point: maybe the mothers should be giving thanks for their children. Heaven knows, they kept (keep?) us busy!