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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Are You Lucky Enough to Have an Indie Book Store Near YOU?

Tonight I took time to browse around the web and clicked on the Indie Bound site. If you haven't been there, I hope you will visit. We have so many wonderful independent bookstores but we are gradually losing them because of the large chains, but mostly because of

Lindy Ray, middle, hosts ladies from Candy Fund at her independent book store, Curiosity Books in Murphy, NC.

I took the time, tonight,  to read and understand Indie Bound and I became a part of their community. Books can be ordered from Indie book stores, online just as you would order from And it was so easy to see some of the great new books on the lists given. I made a wish list immediately, which you can do on the site, and I plan to get the books I want either from a local store like Curiosity Books in Murphy,  46 Valley River Avenue, Murphy, NC 28906  or City Lights in Sylva. If you go  to the City Lights website, you can find all the books you want and can order right off their site.

On my sidebar, you will see one of the reasons I think  it is smart to shop from your Indie bookstores. I hope you will visit one in your neighborhood soon. If you don't know of one, go to the Indie Bound site and check out their map to find stores near you.


  1. How cool is that-I had never even heard of the site before-and its always great to support your local book store!

  2. Thanks for stoppping by, Tipper. Yes, there is so much offered by the Indie Bound group. We can become affiliates of Indie Bound or an independent book store. I am looking into this more and hope my readers will visit Indie Bound.
    Loved your post on making pickled beets which I love.

  3. Will look forward to visiting those bookstores when I'm down there. See you soon!

  4. I'm looking forward to your stay in the WNC mountains, Rebecca.You will enjoy both Curiosity Books in Murphy and City Lights in Sylva.
    Although our independently owned bookstore in Hayesville, Phillips and Lloyd, is not a member of SIBA, it is one of the best bookstores anywhere.
    See you soon.


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