Saturday, August 20, 2011

Robert S. King's post on E-publishing, Sneers to Cheers

Robert S. King, Netwest member and publisher of Future Cycle Press, writes an eye-opening post on E-Publishing. Some of what he says is promising to writers, and some of what he says makes me sad. But I think he is absolutely correct. Click on the link below and tell us what you think.


JLC said...

You have to admire Mr. King's perspicacity and his guts. I agree with everything he said. What I can't help hoping, though, is that some miracle might make the print book, however rare, immortal, and thereby save the independent bookstore. Almost nothing can be more treasured than a gift book. A download just can't cut it. said...

I hope we don't ever lose the print book, Joan. One of the reasons I don't can't use the electronic book - I can't keep up with my Kindle. I've lost it again - in the house somewhere.
It is so small it is easy to misplace.
You are right about a gift book. I have some special books given to me by friends.