Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Don't wait until life passes you by. Do it now!

Writers seem to always be too busy. Most say they are too busy to write as much as they would like.
But we can be writing even when we are not putting words on paper or on a screen. Have you ever found yourself driving when suddenly a line pops into your mind? Perhaps you see something on your travels and suddenly a memory from long ago comes to mind. Often when I read, an idea for a story or poem jumps right off the page and I know I must write it down.
Newspapers and magazines stimulate the writer in me. I have lists of ideas I want to write about -- when I find the time. But when will that be? There is never enough time. When will I put all other matters on hold and spend the hours I need at the keyboard?     
We wait too long to follow our desires, those passions we seem to never get to because other people, children and then parents with failing health, need us.
 Recently a woman in her late forties said she still has time to pursue her dream of writing and publishing. Meantime, she works, oversees the care of her father, and spends her free time with her teenager and her husband. Of course her family must come first, but how can she find time to do something  she wants to do for herself?

Have you faced this issue? What do you think she should do?


Tipper said...

Great post Glenda! I think all writers feel like they don't have enough time. For me-I just have to squeeze that time out of my busy day-lots of times I'd rather go sit on the couch and rest-but even if its just 15 mins I force myself to write-and I'm always amazed at what you can get down on paper in 15 mins too!

Wanda Stricklin Robertson said...

I think you were writing this straight at me. Writing is just easier to put off than my other duties. I find that setting small goals for myself helps...like finishing something by a certain day, then rewarding myself if it happens!

Glenda said...

Tipper, I know how busy you are and it is amazing how much writing you get done. Thanks for your comment.

Glenda Beall said...

Thanks,Wanda, for leaving a comment. I like your idea of small goals and rewarding yourself.