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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Paid Vacation? Cut short my pity party

I left my calendar blank this week because I had planned to take Rocky, resident dog at Writers Circle, and head north for a few days of vacation before the weather turns too cold.
But vet bills for Rocky and Tiger changed my plans. I went from plan A to plan B.
I would stay home and I would not make appointments. Leave your days free, I told myself. Use this free time to write, to take those ideas prompted by Maureen's class Saturday and create poetry or essays or short fiction. Work on those projects that have been floating around in your head.
As you know, if you are a writer, a home retreat is impossible. It is especially impossible for me at this time.  For weeks I've been working toward making an office upstairs. The painting has been done. The furniture is in place, but the boxes filled with papers, books, and who knows what else, are piled up against my dining room wall. I am determined not to fill my nice neat office with clutter - at least not right now.
Today I handled paper all day. I'm glad I finally opened all those envelopes from the Insurance companies. My first inclination was to toss them because I thought they were just those Explanation of Benefits showing what doctors had been paid.
But, some of them actually contained checks. Wow! I was paid for opening all those envelopes. That helped end my pity party.
So, my vacation has turned into a working week after all. Still have three more loads of laundry, more boxes to go through, blinds to order for the windows, shopping to do and only when it is late at night do I find the time to write a post for this blog.

I am happy however, to hear that Kathryn Byer is posting a poem of mine on her new site, The Mountain Woman. Hop over there and read it. Let me know what you think.


  1. I enjoyed your poem, Glenda. Your new office sounds lovely.

    Yes, it is hard to write at home, and hard to write at all. I think when I play at writing, it works best.

    What got me working again was working with colored backgrounds for my photos. The color got me moving!

    Take care!

  2. Hi Joan. Thanks for visiting Writers Circle and I appreciate your comment on my poem at Kay Byer's blog, The Mountain Woman.

    I think I'll work on photos with colored backgrounds. You gave me a good idea.
    Good luck with your e-book and your upcoming book in print.
    You go, Girl!

  3. You found money??? That is a good thing : ) And having your office fixed like you want it will so be worth all the aggravation : )

  4. Oh, don't we all know about working and/or vacationing at home! I loved the poem for the kinds of memories so foreign to mine, but so universal. And even more for the admission that nostalgia need not dominate.

    Thanks for reading my blogs and commenting. The next two weeks are too crammed with commitments -- but winter is coming, isn't it? I always think that's the time for slower thinking and more writing.

    Wish I could get my nice office space reorganized. You inspire me, as usual!

  5. Tipper and JLC, thanks for your comments.
    Tipper, you are so right. It will be worth all the aggravation one day.
    JLC, I'm sure you have a very nice office and writing space. After the first of the year I can send you someone who is quite good at organization. She will be helping me with even more I need to do here.


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