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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shop Indie book stores this Christmas

My readers know I always urge you to shop at your Independent Book stores.
To see the top selling books for 2011 at your Indie booksellers, visit this site:

The list includes hardback and paperback and children's books. Order one from a local bookstore. They need your support more than Amazon does.
City Lights Books in Sylva is a wonderful place to order books.

In Murphy, NC, Curiosity Books is another great place to shop. You can order online and if you live in the neighborhood, drop by and see the wide selection of books and gifts Linda has on hand.

In our town of Hayesville, NC stop by to see Elizabeth at Phillips and Lloyd. She will order your book for you and you will have it in no time. Phillips and Lloyd  has a great new website that makes ordering easy. Remember that books make wonderful gifts.

In Franklin, NC, you will find Books Unlimited,  60 E Main St, Franklin, NC 28734
This store has served the literary needs of the area for years. They stock the books of most local area writers.
Blue Ridge Books in Waynesville is a fine store. I could spend the day there browsing and eating and drinking coffee.

All of these book stores carry Echoes Across the Blue Ridge. If you don't have a copy, look for it when you stop in to shop. One reviewer says she had never read an anthology where she liked every single poem and story in it. She found it difficult to single out certain ones to mention in her review.

Do you shop Indie book stores?


  1. Love City Lights and Blue Ridge Books & News! Two fine bookstores.

    Blue Ridge Books has been very supportive of my work and for this I am grateful.

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  3. I shop Indie book stores and I'd like to give a shout to Highlands Bookstore in Brevard, NC. They're well versed on what's new, provide authors with a place to read, and
    have carried Echoes Across the Blue Ridge since day one. They, too, will order you any book you want and have it in no time. I cheer their great magazine department and
    their local writers section. Tim and Peggy are community standards and have graced Brevard for over 30 years.
    We must also give thanks for Malaprop's in Asheville. A wonderful group of book-lovers who always say "Yes" to reading requests. Support your local book stores or they
    will be no more than a memory of "the good old days."
    Nancy Purcell
    Brevard, NC


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