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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Who lighted the flame within you?

"At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark

from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep

gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us."

                                    ~ Albert Schweitzer

I begin with Nancy Simpson, Janice Moore, Carol Crawford, Richard Argo, Steve Harvey, Maureen Ryan Griffin,  and other writers who sparked the flame of writng in me.
Later when my light was so dim I wasn't sure it would survive the storm within me,  my sisters, Gay and June, Lee Hunter and Lyn Hunter, Michelle Keller,  Stu Moring, Ginny my guardian angel, Ash, Nadine and Vicki, Alice and Marsha, Dick and Linda, all helped me hold it together, and they sparked the flame to flare again. I think of all of them with deepest gratitude.
Supporting me also were JC Walkup, Kay Byer, Nancy Purcell, Paul Donovan, Estelle Rice, Maren Mitchell, and all my wonderful students who have passed through Writers Circle.
Without the support and guidance of Maureen Ryan Griffin, Writers Circle would have been a much larger challenge. I am grateful for my relationship with Tipper Pressley who has been a joy, huge supporter and technical helper for my blogs.

Is there any one of us who doesn't have cause to think with deep

gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us?


  1. Well Thank you Glenda!!! You know I consider you one of my closest friends-and for sure one of the people who lighted my flame. You are a constant source of encouragement for me : )

  2. How often I wish I might let those who lit it or me know of it--but, alas, most are gone. However, Glenda, you supplied a spark, and I'm forever grateful.

  3. In our busy world we often forget those who made a difference in our lives. We have to stop and think. I once kept a gratitude journal -- wish I'd do it again, but while I don't write down those who have been behind me and beside me and in front of me leading the way, I try to take the time to say thanks to them and for them.
    Tipper, I like to think we have encouraged each other. Joan, your appreciative remarks boost my morale. When we give we also receive and your kind words are received with appreciation.

  4. Nancy said...You have been an inspiration to so many folks, including me. Positve words from friends who sincerely care about you are "manna from Heaven". You're correct. We so often forget how very many people carry us over the "rough roads" but when we see their faces, the kindness returns and warms us again. Merry Christmas, dear friend.

  5. My greatest friend and husband, Brian is the person who has encouraged me without ceasing. He lights that flame every day. I also find myself encouraged by the folks I've met through the Writers Circle as well as those who attend the various poetry & prose readings in the area.

  6. Hi Nancy Purcell,
    I like that,"positive words from friends who care is like mana from Heaven."
    How easily we can make someone's day by simply saying thank you.
    Like many of us, I have learned over time that gratitude is one of the most important gifts we can bestow.
    Thanks, my friend, for your support.

  7. Barbara, I am so happy your husband is such a giving and caring person in your life. Barry was such a supportive person in my life and I know how much it means to have that person who is always there for you.
    I missed you at WNO tonight. We had a small but enthusiastic group and Mary Mike gave a fantastic reading.
    Sorry my return comments are so late but my computer has been sick and had to go to the shop.


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