Sunday, January 29, 2012

Time to Cut the Clutter with Rebecca

Coming home from vacation means unpacking, doing laundry, and getting back into the groove of responsibilities. The first day back I felt like I had run a race and all the adrenaline had drained from my body. I just wanted to lie in bed all day, but I couldn’t do that. I used the time to pay some bills. But felt limp and useless.

As my little family has dwindled down to Tiger and me, I don’t feel a need to be here all the time. I would pack up and take another trip tomorrow if I could afford to go. 

The bright light in this house right now is Rebecca, my assistant and houseguest. She has that amazing quality of youth – boundless energy. She absolutely loves to cook – and she does. She has made pasta dishes, stuffed peppers, a wonderful quinoa dish, pork medallions with apricot sauce, and today she made the best meatballs I’ve ever tasted. How delightful to eat a meal that I didn’t make and to have such nice company when I eat. 
This is Rebecca driving us to Florida. She is an excellent driver.

Beginning Monday we will continue our de-cluttering. She is efficient and wastes no time. I hope that what I keep will be much easier to find when I want it. I like that she labels every thing and puts all like thinks together. 

I feel a bit like the children when Mary Poppins dropped in. She made everything much better and then she flew away just as Rebecca will leave me as she continues her travels this year.
I recommend her to anyone who needs help de-cluttering closets or organizing their belongings. Just contact me if you want to reach her.
I am planning my class at Tri-County College starting in March and also setting up a schedule for Coffee wit the Poets and Writers Circle.
We have Robert S. King teaching at Writers Circle in March. Bob Groves reads at Coffee with the Poets. Other dates I still have to reconcile with the instructors. I see a bright and interesting year ahead.

I’ll not teach at Writers Circle as I plan to get another book of poems out this year. I hope it will be successful, in that many readers will find something that touches their spirit and makes the book worth while.

The dreary days of January will be made happier with our plans for the future,  watching for new experiences and opportunities. Already I see new things in the offing and I can’t wait to make those things happen.


tipper said...

I'm so glad your trip was good-and that you and Rebecca are getting a lot of work done too : )

Pat Meece Davis said...

Glenda - Rebecca sounds like a dream. I hope the trip was terrific. De-cluttering is something we all need to do. Just as soon as the weather warms, I'm determined to follow suit. It's great that you're going to write another book of poetry. Isn't it wonderful to have real goals that are productive and fun?

Glenda said...

Hi Pat,
Yes, Rebecca is a dream come true for me. We have almost completed one big project and what we do from now on will be smaller things.
Speaking of goals, I have to have goals or I'll just vegetate. Rebecca has me doing The Artist's Way again. I find that is helping my creativity.

I have also been reminded of the huge difference between the energy of a 35 year old and a woman my age. We are swapping my experience for her energy.
works well I think.