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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Blogger, Feeds, and catching up

Tonight I decided to see who is subscribing to this blog. I seldom go there and because of that, it takes some time for me to remember what I do to find that information.
I want to thank all of you who let me slip into your E-mail Inbox when I post something new on the blog. At least I know you read this page, or at least have the opportunity if the Title interests you.

Writing a blog is fun and also puzzling at times. If I worried that no one was reading my blog, I'd find posting a problem, but because this blog builds in STATISTICS, I can see if anyone dropped by today. What bothered me tonight when I looked up my subscribers list, for a long time on the graph, I had X number of subscribers. Then suddenly, OOPS, I had zero subscribers.
I'm sure glad I didn't check this graph that day. It appeared that all my subscribers suddenly, simultaneously dropped me.
Thankfully, the next day, my numbers were back to X number as it had been before.

This is why I need more classes on blogging, or I need to spend about a month teaching myself so I can get caught up to where most folks were a couple of years ago.

My question for Blogger right now. Why is the default font so small? It looks pitiful on the page. Or is it just me?


  1. Glenda-my feed numbers do that exact same thing. Since I do check mine quite often-I know that they seem to go down over the weekend-and then pop right back up during the first of the week. I read one time that it was something to do with how feedburner/google tabulated their feed subscribers.

    I'm with you on the classes-if we just knew someone that REALLY the ins and outs of blogging : )

  2. Well, I am a subscriber! Sometimes I just read in the email and other times I click over and leave a comment, but I always read!

  3. Like you, I so often don't check in with everyone I do keep up with! Much more than you, I need a lesson or three on blogging. But the default font is small? Not the way it appears on my screen. This little box has it small enough that it's not easy to read!

    Let's hang in there, Friend! I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours ;-)

  4. Does the system record if someone reads your blog sent through e-mail? I was wondering, because I always read what you have written when it comes up in the e-mail, but don't always go to the blog itself. For instance, this entry was all in my e-mail so there was not reason to open the blog. But I don't know if that would count as someone reading it. Just know I always read the e-mails. I don't know anything about blogs, so you are waaaay ahead of me!!!

  5. Tipper, we will have to look around for a seasoned blogger who keeps up with all the new stuff.

    You are one of the most knowledgeable bloggers I know.
    I'm not sure anyone can stay current with all the changes going on.

  6. Thank you, Kat. I know that many of my subscribers read the post in their email.
    Gay, that is what you do. All those who subscribe get the new posts in their email. My subscriber list includes you.
    Another page of Statistics shows how many people clicked on the blog and how many page views for the day.

  7. Actually, Joan, the small font is on the Netwest blog, not this one.

    I enlarge my fonts on the Netwest blog. But can't figure how to make the title larger.
    The posts look weird when the title is in small fonts and the post is in a larger one.

  8. I agree that blogging can be fun but challenging. you can't live with technology, and you can't live without it. Computer glitches happen, and you just have to keep on keeping on. I hope you continue to have success with your blogs.


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