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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dr. Gene Hirsch's Class at Writers Circle Sunday afternoon

Today at Writers' Circle we enjoyed Dr. Gene Hirsch who taught a class built around the theme of Humanism. In depth discussion from all six participants and Gene motivated us all to to write for meaning and to see how the reader brings her understanding of our words to gain her meaning of our poetry.

We appreciate Dr. Hirsch so much for his generosity to Writers Circle and to the writers in our area. He donated his time today so that the fees for the class can be used to purchase much needed equipment for the studio. The discussions about the poems we read, both those written by students in the class and from books, brought out interesting concepts on meaning and on humanism.

We hope Dr. Hirsch will visit Writers Circle again when he is in this area.

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  1. Glenda,
    I sure wish I could have taken Gene's class. It was decoration day at Many Forks Baptist Church where my grandparents and many relatives are buried.

    I've mailed a money order for Scott Ownen's class.


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