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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Carole Richard Thompson reads at Writers Night Out Friday, June 14.

My friend and fellow Netwest member, Carole Richard Thompson published a lovely book of poems this year. The title is Enough. Haven't we all said that at times when we can't take anymore. That is not Carole's sentiments, however.

Carole is retired and lives with her retired husband in Blairsville, GA. The cover of her book is a painting by Carol done in 2012. This poet and writer is one of those extra-talented individuals.

Recently Carole and I read our work at the John C. Campbell Folk School. I have always been a fan of Carole's essays, short stories and poetry since I met her years ago. The last poems in her book are particularly poignant as she writes about the simple things shared between a long married couple, over fifty years, and declares them enough.

Here is one of her poems that touches me most:

Sitting on the Side of the Bed

He loves the morning as I do
in our sacred bedroom,
before the phone rings,
before we must dress,
when sleepiness still slows
our movements. We put off
thoughts of the day ahead,
sitting on the side of the bed.

He shuffles off to get coffee;
I raise the blind to the view,
pull sheet and quilt over pillows,
smoothing out the side of the bed.

The room welcomes our waking.
We're rested and happy here,
sharing secrets, facing problems,
sitting close on the side of the bed.

Mama says it ruins the mattress
if you sit on the side of the bed.
I used to feel guilt, but no more.
No, I would not trade this splendid hour
for a perfect mattress, unspoiled,
putting off thoughts of the day ahead,
sitting here on the side of the bed.

Enough by Carole  Richard Thompson, published by FutureCycle Press,

Mineral Bluff, Georgia, USA
ISBN 978-1-938853-28-9

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