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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hurry if you want your book published on paper

If you have always wanted to see your name on a published book, I mean one you can hold, one with a hard or soft back, you had better hurry. Read this post from the White Cross blog. Very interesting.


Lise said...

This is very unfortunate. Perhaps it will help in the self publishing arena.

dkistner said...

I expect what is happening is the large-printing model is going by the wayside in favor of more efficient print-on-demand arrangements like FutureCycle Press uses. Our contract specifies a book will be published in print-on-demand (so the paperback is always for sale and won't go out of print or be remaindered) and also as a Kindle edition. It is far less costly to publish a book this way than to do a minimum print run of 500 paper copies and have to warehouse those that do not sell. Sure, make sure any contract does include print-on-demand, but publishers abandoning large print runs is a good thing for authors, not a bad one. It means they can afford to sign more books.