Friday, September 5, 2014

The Folk School Blog has a post by a writing student

If you have never taken a writing class at the John C. Campbell Folk School, you are missing a special treat. Tonight I read a short piece on the Folk School Blog written by a student of a writing class. I think you will enjoy it.
I took my first writing class, a poetry class, with Nancy Simpson in 1995 or '96. Can't remember exactly now. But it literally changed my life. A writing class at JCCFS is not like a class in high school or college. No one is going to embarrass you, hurt you or demand more than you  want to give. You will find yourself so comfortable with others who, like you, just want to learn and enjoy the experience of being in the beautiful setting in the mountains of western NC, that you will go home with lasting memories and new friends. But you will also go home having learned new skills that you can continue to use. Check out the website and look for Writing Classes. 
Local writers can take classes for half-price tuition. Ask about that when you register.

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Brenda Kay Ledford said...

Thanks for sharing this information with us, Glenda. I will check out the blog at the Folk School.
I've taken many writing classes at the John C. Campbell Folk School and enjoyed all of them.