Sunday, February 1, 2015

Prompt for this week

I'm getting over a nasty virus and trying to think of food that appeals to me. Any time I am sick, I find that I become quite picky about what I want to eat.

Don't we all have certain foods that are comfort foods? Mine go back to childhood when Mother made me hot grits and butter, a very bland cereal we ate every day for breakfast with our eggs and biscuits. Most folks in the south ate grits years ago. I don't know about our modern busy world today.
But when I had an upset tummy, the  only thing I wanted was a small bowl of grits, salted and peppered, with a pat of Mother's real home made butter. 

Today, why not think about your favorite comfort food? My friend Mary Mike loves plain mashed potatoes when she feels blah. Once when I was in need of comfort, she brought a bowl of mashed potatoes to my house and I lapped them down as if they were manna from heaven. 

Today, my sister who is the best care giver for the sick, brought me macaroni and cheese. That was all I wanted -- a serving of macaroni and cheese. It perked me up and calmed me down at the same time. 

This is our prompt for this week - comfort food
Write a poem, memoir, story or essay about comfort food if this prompt strikes a chord.
I'd love to read what you write.

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