Friday, April 17, 2015

I'm sharing tunes you might like to see and hear.

Feeling sluggish and down, just click on the Scotty Brothers and listen. It will make you move.

The Scotty Brothers
The spoon players reminded me of an awesome older fellow in Nova Scotia when I was there last year. He entertained a room full of people for about an hour. The waitress didn't know his name, but said he came every afternoon and played in for the diners.

These men played some great Celtic music at a distillery in Nova Scotia

The next video has a banjo picker and spoon lady, both with fingers flying and hands flying. They are in Asheville, NC, I believe.
I could not keep my feet still when I listened to them.

Maybe I like this music because it comes from my ancestors who hailed from England and Scotland. I hope we had a little Irish in there somewhere, too. 

Let me know if you like this music. Share a link to your favorite You Tube video. We need more fun in our lives and music can be so much fun.


Abbie Taylor said...

Here's a link to one of my favorite Simon and Garfunkel tunes.

Glenda Beall said...

One of my favorites, Abbie. Those two fellows had such a great sound. thanks for sharing.