Thursday, June 30, 2016

A workshop with Carol Crawford, editor, teacher, writer and poet

Carol Crawford

Saturday, July 16
10 - 1 p.m.

Write How You Know 
Use life skills you already have to get your writing done.  Any big project can be overwhelming, whether it’s putting in a garden or writing a book. Break down the project into manageable pieces that are not so scary, and make a step-by-step plan of action to keep you on course.  In this workshop students will make a blueprint to begin a new project, create a worksheet for approaching it, and make a brief start on the writing itself. 


Become Your Own Beta Reader
Learn habits and writing methods that will help you stand back and see your work more clearly. Discover how asking yourself the right questions about your manuscript will show you its strengths and the places it needs more work.  Overcome common mistakes that blur your story line and muddy your language.  Please bring three to five pages you have already written for revision.

Fee: $35.00 - 

Carol Crawford is the editor and owner of Carol has been teaching creative writing for two decades. She is the author of The Habit of Mercy, Poems about Daughters and Mothers, and has been published in the Southern Humanities Review, Appalachian Heritage, the Concho River Review, the Chattahoochee Review, and the Journal of Kentucky Studies among others. 

Carol has been program coordinator for the annual Blue Ridge Writers’ Conference since its inception in 1996 and holds a degree in journalism and English from Baylor University.

She loves all things literary: books, bookstores, poetry, word puzzles and libraries, Also, Baylor women’s basketball, snowy days, Tex-Mex, knitting, civility in debate, single-mission charities, needlepoint, Star Trek movies (except the first one), family reunions, all dogs, and cats on a case-by-case basis. 

She has never mastered cake-baking, but can produce a respectable scratch pie crust. She has a strong conviction that margaritas are not margaritas unless they are lime (peach or pineapple do not qualify), and the only Peeps worth the name are Easter Peeps.

She and her husband live in the north Georgia mountains with two rescue dogs of good heart but little brain. Carol is originally from Texas and visits it regularly for a fix of big sky, prairie and open spaces. 

Fee: $35 - can be paid with PayPal or send check to Glenda Beall, 581 Chatuge Lane, Hayesville, NC 28904  - Deadline: July 10


Glenda Beall said...

We had a great class with Carol Crawford Saturday. Our students enjoyed themselves and I'm sure, like me, they went home eager to write.
Thanks, Carol, for a wonderful workshop.

Anonymous said...

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