Sunday, July 17, 2016

Great class with Carol Crawford at Writers Circle around the Table

Roger Carlton, Carol Lynn Jones, Glenda Beall, Kathy Knapp
Lorie McCabe and Bob Lew @ Writers Circle

It is always a joy to study writing with Carol Crawford, and I always learn something new. You would think that after twenty years of writing I would know all I  need to know, but anyone can learn something if they take workshops, listen and not let their ego get in the way.

Three of the students in the picture above have been students of mine at Tri-County Community College. I look forward to seeing them back in class with me later this year. 

Learning from an editor of writing gives one new insight about revision. With her advice, I think I will be a much better writer myself because I know what to look for in my work before I send it to anyone else to read. 

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carol said...

It was a joy to be there. What a great group of writers! Thanks for scheduling the class, Glenda.