Saturday, October 22, 2016

Evaluation Sensation by Roger Carlton

When asked to write an evaluation of my classes at Tri-County Community College, Roger, who now writes articles for the Graham Star, felt poetic and gave me a chuckle with his verse.


A great and worrisome darkness
Settled on the land of Wes-Nor-Caro
Intelligent and interesting writers
Were no-more-o
Good writing was a-dwindling
And most deserved to be kindling

Seeking to fulfill its mission of enlightenment
The gods of Mount TCCC-us
Sent out missionaries to find someone to teach-us
Like Socrates they held a lantern
Like the prince they held a glass slipper
Like conservatives they sought a Gipper
Like a jacket they sought a zipper

One day there appeared a North Star and they were guided
To a ray of light multi-sided
Approached to teach she consented
And to an extra tuition they relented

And the word went out across the land
That new skills would be provided
Flock they did to where she resided
Wondrous stories of railroad cars, beloved squirrels
Rusty Ramblers and beloved Irish grandmas were provided

Then from Mount TCCC-us came a pronouncement
 In the form of an announcement
The muse of words synonymous
Must no longer remain anonymous
Evaluate her for transfer of enlightenment
And do this with excitement

So from me to Mount TCCC-us
Let it be known that Glenda was illuminous
My skills from poor to great they went
And many thanks to Glenda are sent

Written by Roger Carlton
October 11, 2016

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