Sunday, February 12, 2017

Paul Donovan , writer and poet, and my good friend

I am very sad today. My good friend, Paul Donovan, has  passed away. To those who received my email last night, there will not be a gathering at Parson's Pub  in Murphy today.

Paul was one of the most loyal members of our writing community and NCWN-West. He held a writing contest for many years for high school students in Cherokee County, NC. He served as our Cherokee County Representative and brought us  all together at ShoeBooties for readings each month. Like our present Writers Night Out, those were social gatherings as well.

Mary Ricketson, present Cherokee County Rep, told Paul about Reiki and how it might help him with his back pain, etc. That changed his life. He studied Reiki and became a Reiki Master. Soon he was teaching others, including my sister Gay. When Barry, my husband, was sick, Paul came out to our house and gave Barry Reiki treatments. He would not charge me for them.

He published his poetry in journals and in a book. I will post some of his poetry  here later. Paul took a couple of my memoir classes and wrote delightful stories of growing up in an Irish neighborhood in Pennsylvania. He made  some trips to Ireland and told me he would like to  live there. His stories about that country made me think I would like to live there also.,

He adored his beautiful wife, Ann, and my heart hurts for her today. Once again, I feel that life is too short and ends too suddenly. 

Gandi  said, "My life is my message." 
Paul has left us a good message by the way he lived his life. Be kind and generous, enjoy life and  love others. Persevere even when life is  difficult. And love dogs. He and I had great conversations about our dogs.

If only we all could live such a life.


Anonymous said...

A great friend and voice in the world. May his words help you and his people remember him just as he were speaking them today.

Joan Howard said...

Paul was an excellent poet and a most gracious host. I was grateful for his kindness and support when I first started to read poetry at the coffee house in Murphy. We will all miss his spirit.
Joan M. Howard

Nancy Simpson said...

I looked up to Paul Donovan because of the man he was. He was a fine writer and one of the most dependable members of NCWN West. I will miss seeing him here in our mountains.

Unknown said...

This is beautiful, Glenda.

Paul was my Reiki teacher and incredible poet and writer. He always had a smile. A kind and gentle soul, dogs were our common ground and man, did he love dogs. Paul will be missed and my heart goes out to Ann. His many friends are hurting too, but Paul is shining down on us with beautiful light, that will never fade. Whenever you need him,just look to the light and smile.

Mary Ricketson said...

Paul was a leader among our writers for many years. His contributions to critique groups were honest, short and to the point, and often humorous. I could count on Paul for a genuine conversation any time I saw him. As a friend, I was careful what I asked for, because I knew he would move mountains to do whatever he could if I only asked.

Glenda Council Beall said...

Thank you for posting your beautiful sentiments here. Paul will be missed.

Anonymous said...

Paul will be missed. It's always sad to lose anyone but especially sad when a person with a similar heart is taken. May he rest in peace and May Ann take solace in her good memories of Paul and his life accomplishments.

Donald E Long |

Glenda Council Beall said...

Several of Paul's poem are posted on in an artile aboutp Paul.