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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Abbie Johnson, a person who gives

Wyoming writer, Abbie Johnson, makes me feel like a do-nothing person when I read all she does for others.  Her post today catches her readers up on what she has been up to. It was quiet in her town of Sheridan, she says, but see what she has been doing.

By the way, Abbie is blind.
For those of us who are not blind, are we giving of ourselves as she does? I don't have Abbie's beautiful voice and I don't play guitar, but I have talents to share with others. I do what I can to help writers but I do it from home, from my office and my computer. Abbie gets out and travels to nursing  homes and places where she brings joy to others. 

As I get older, I find more people showing kindness to me. Recently, as I left the grocery store, a former student of mine who published a delightful book, came out with me and asked if  he could put my groceries in my car. Before he left, he said, "If I can do anything for you at your house, call me. I can come over and take care of some chores for you." 

Gene is a sweet man who has always impressed me with his kind heart. I met him just after my husband's diagnosis of cancer. I taught my first writing class and before I dismissed I mentioned my husband's diagnosis. This kind man stood up and spoke to the students. "Be sure to keep this lady in your prayers," he said. "She has a hard time ahead." He didn't know me. I didn't know him.

I  turned to get into my car and then  I remembered. "Gene, I do  have something I need some help with." I asked him if  he would come and install a  couple of water filters for me. He is going to find what kind of filter I need for my pump and install it. 

How many people offer to just come over and do chores or fix things for us? I don't think many people do that, especially without being paid. 

I also have one of the best people on earth as a good friend. Her name is Mike. Sunday night I locked myself out of my bedroom. I never lock that door. I just pulled it shut, but  when I went back to open the door it would not open. I felt so helpless. It was Sunday and a locksmith would charge me extra to come out. I could not wait until Monday as I had to  leave home early for a trip to Atlanta. Also, and more importantly, my medications were in that room. 

After doing all I knew to do, I called Mike. I knew she would have an idea to help me. But after I took the doorknob off and still could not open the door, she came over to my house. Armed with a tiny tool and a spatula, Mike soon had my door opened. She didn't hesitate to take time to drive to my  house and open my door. She told me to buy another door knob and she would install it for me. No, Mike is not a carpenter or builder. She is an accomplished artist and writer. She has talents I could never imagine, and I call her superwoman. She is always willing to  help someone in need. 

But I digress. Abbie Johnson is a great role model for others. She lost her husband after a few years of marriage, and she became a caregiver soon after their wedding when Bill suffered a stroke. She has written about her experience. Visit her website and read her poems and hear her sing. 
You might want to order her books. She is an inspiration. 


Abbie Taylor said...

Glenda, even though you don't play the guitar and sing and don't share your talents with others in nursing homes or other such facilities, you're still an inspiration to others. I wasn't planning to post anything to my brog today, but now, you've inspired me to do so, despite the fact that I have a million other things to do today. Have a great day.

Elephant's Child said...

Kindness is a wonderful thing. There should be more of it. And I love that this post recognises and applauds it.

Glenda Council Beall said...

Somewhere along the way, I learned to recognize kindness and caring because we only hear bad news,dark stories make the news.
I feel better when I hear about good people doing good things for others.