Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Sun Rising on a Troubled World

Lakes of fog  at base of Georgia Mountains at sunrise

I seldom see a sunrise, but I awoke at 4:30 AM today and can’t seem to go back to sleep. I am isolating myself for now because of the coronavirus. I am in the high risk group so I don’t want to take any chances.

The sky is unbelievably beautiful, long striations of dark blue clouds to the east over a ridge of mountains.To the south, I see a slight pink tinge above the blue clouds and mountains that float over a lake of white fog.

I am very lucky to live in such a scenic area. If I must stay home, I have a good place to stay. But I am a people person, and I know I must find ways to communicate with others so I don’t get depressed.

I will talk on the phone, email and take a drive or walk my buddy, Lexie. But I also plan to write real letters and send cards to those who don’t use email or don’t talk on the phone for whatever reason. My elderly cousins and my brother are not on the computer.

I miss physical therapy because I was attending twice a week and it was so good for me. Now, I am scheduling thirty minutes each day, writing it on my calendar, to take care of myself physically. That means I get up from my computer or my chair and move! I can dance or do exercises with a video on You Tube. When it is not raining, I plan to take Lexie for a short walk, but we seem to have more rainy days than sunny lately.

I heard that the number of people diagnosed with this virus have increased quickly in the past two weeks. I wonder if my self quarantine will last more than a month. The news is not good and I worry for the medical people who must tend to the sick, taking their chances that they will not contract this horrible illness.
I know it seems to those who are young and healthy that all this concern is not necessary, but I hope everyone in this country, in the world, in fact, will take it very seriously. We will lose many people, and they might be close to us. They could include us. Stay safe, my dear friends. Hang in for the long haul.

Sun rising to the east of my house hidden by fog and clouds

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Elephant's Child said...

Stay safe indeed.
Oceans of caring are flowing your way.