Saturday, October 17, 2020

Good Advice for the New Writer

I am reposting this article from 2012. Peggy Tabor Millan wrote this piece on marketing and it holds true today. I have writers contact me often saying they have written and published a book. I soon find they did not make any kind of marketing plan. Peggy tells us what we must do as a writer and as the friend of a writer. Pay it forward.

If you are a friend of a writer, write reviews for the author wherever possible. Remember how you like to know about the book from a reader before you purchase it? If you like a book and you write a good review, you will help the author reach a bigger audience and help his book to sell. Most of us writers don't make money on our writing, but our hope is that people will read our work and appreciate what we do.

Recently several people wrote reviews for me here.  It is easy. Just click on the line that says 
comments. Usually a number precedes the word.

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