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Thursday, October 27, 2022

Choose a word and go where it takes you

In an effort to remain relevant for writers while not holding classes, I plan to do more posts that could be helpful to writers whether poets or prose writers are reading here.

I listened to a webinar this week with Michael Kleber Diggs. He is a poet and this was a very good webinar as he talked about the importance of words and the efficiency of words in poetry and prose.

Today I want to offer some Prompts that might stir up your creative juices.

Here are three words that can often jar your memory or bring to light something you have not written about recently.'

Here we go:

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This is an example of what I might write when given the word "waddle" as a prompt.

The officer pulled himself out of his squad car and waddled over to my open window. He asked for my driver's license. "Where you going in such a hurry, little lady?" 
Sweat puddled in the creases of his forehead under the brim of his hat. I wanted him to mop his face. He looked so uncomfortable to me that I felt sorry for him even though he was likely going to give me a ticket.

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