Monday, May 23, 2011

Choose one, two or all six classes at Writers Circle

Writers Circle - Wednesdays beginning June 15,10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Six Weeks of classes - Creative Writing Course – Each week will be a two hour workshop. Register for one, two or all classes. Instructor: Glenda C. Beall, writer, teacher and poet.
Email for registration information.$18.00 each class or all six weeks for $75.00 - What keeps your work from being accepted for publishing?Learn techniques to improve your chances. Writing for family and friends? Learn ways to keep them interested right up until the end.

Week 1-- June 15 - Picture This – Writing from Imagination
Week 2--- June 22 - The Snapshot – What else do you see? Use pictures I give you, from many sources, to discover writing ideas.
Week 3 -- June 29 - The Saved Item - Why?
Week 4 -- July 6 - What Can’t be photographed (but still remains clear)Week 5 – July 20 - Writing Dialogue, the part of your story no one will skip.(for memoir, other non-fiction and fiction writers.)
Week 6 – July 27 - Making characters come alive on the page
Week 7 – August 13 - Optional free class.
Sharing Your Stories with family or with the public.


JLC said...

Makes me salivate wishing I could join you!

Funny thing happened to me the other day: I got a brand new $2 bill in the mail. It came from the Lucidity Journal for an honorable mention in a poetry contest I entered. I put the poem on my blog. I loved the $2 bill idea.

Glenda said...

I wish you could join us, Joan. I had some poems published in Lucidity years ago, but I didn't get a $2.00 bill. That is a cool idea. As writers and poets, even a small monetery award means something. And a brand new two dollar bill makes it a little more special.I'll go to your site and read your poem.