Sunday, May 22, 2011

How Indie Authors Use Social Media

Upcoming class at Writers Circle around the table:
I went back into Facebook last night and made a number of changes to my account to protect my identity. Facebook didn't tell me to do this, but Ronda Birtha did.

Saturday, June 11, 10:30 - 1:30, Ronda Birtha once again will teach us how to best use social media, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to promote our writing and help us build an online platform. Those of you who could not make the last class, be sure to come for this one. We were blown away with Ronda's knowledge of Facebook, blogs, and what we did not know even though many of us have been using these programs.

Paul Schofield, author of Trophy, a Sci/fi novel, says on Twitter:
As a Twitter holdout for a long time, I'm finding it to be a great source of information. Looking forward to getting to know my follow/s/ing

Those who came to the May session, heaped well-deserved praise on Ms. Birtha. She is a partner in the publishing companies, Galactic Publishers and Writers’ Hub of the Mountains. She teaches a number of writing courses and provides consultation for independent authors who are seeking to self-publish. In the five or ten minutes that she has for herself in the course of a day, she continues to work on her first novel – Solace. Samples of her photography and videography can be seen at

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