Sunday, March 4, 2012


On the second Wednesday of each month, we host Coffee with the Poets, sponsored by NCWN West. We meet at the Cafe Touche in Hayesville, NC, 82 Main Street, at 10:30 a.m.

We began this event in 2007 and it continues to be well-attended and enjoyable. I started CWP to give more people a place to read their poems. The area where I live is filled with poets. We open the floor up to anyone who comes and wants to read his original poetry.
A member of Netwest is featured each month. I wish I could have every poet in the area read, however, we only have twelve months. This year we decided to have two readers in some months.

I'd like to see such events in every county in western NC and N Georgia. It is so easy to set up a reading. Someone with leadership abilities is needed to get it off the ground, but once the event is successful, it is like a roaring fire. It doesn't require much tending. Mary Mike Keller is co-host with me and often Linda Smith takes over the MC duties.

This month, March, we are in for a real treat when Robert S. King reads his poetry. Robert has published hundreds of poems in journals and magazines. He has also published numerous books of poetry. I have two of his latest books. I go back to them often to read again.

We are fortunate to have Robert King teach at Writers Circle around the table on March 17. The workshop will be held in the afternoon. We have a few places left, but space is limited.

Contact Glenda Beall, 828-389-4441 or for further information.


Abbie Taylor said...

I'm glad your monthly poetry readings have been successful. Several years ago, my local writers' group here in Sheridan, Wyoming, tried monthly open mike readings, but we were lucky if three people showed up. We tried different locations and different times and days, but nothing worked. I had the same problem when I scheduled a reading from my recently published collection of poems, How to Build a Better Mousetrap: Recollections and Reflections of a Family Caregiver. The reading was held at the library on a Sunday afternoon, and only two people showed up, and only one person bought a book. I guess not a lot of people in Wyoming are interested in poetry readings unless it's cowboy poetry. Smile.

Glenda said...

We are fortunate to have many poets in our area, Abbie.
I like cowboy poetry as well as other poetry. I wonder why the cowboy poets didn't come.

I guess you have to bribe them the first time. Offer a door prize. The featured poet should be fairly well known I think that brings out more people.
Don't give up.